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Being Successful

Being Successful – It’s a State of Mind Being successful can be determined by who the main influencers in your life are.  If you really want to be successful, take a look at who you are spending the most time with.  The people we associate with most are the primary influencers in our life.  Whether…

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The 4 P’s of Marketing The 4 P’s have traditionally been taught as Product,  Place , Price  and Promotion.  What I have found through working with entrepreneurs for nearly 20 years, is that the majority of professionals are confused, even frustrated with traditional marketing and most have a very hard time understanding how to implement those…

Offline Marketing – The Fast Track To Ultimate Success

Offline Marketing  – Key to Ultimate Success. So many business professionals have gotten off track in their marketing; often overlooking the gold mine offline marketing offers.  One of the easiest ways to market offline is through networking groups such as Meetups.   I’ll admit, the internet has a certain awesomeness to it.  It’s almost addicting.…

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A Real Sweet Real Estate Marketing Strategy When it comes to growing your business, it matters what real estate marketing strategy or strategies you use.  For my clients, I show them how to use fun, creative marketing strategies that are extremely effective and very easy to implement.  Each real estate marketing strategy I create for…

Being Successful

Being Successful Surround Yourself With Successful PeopleBeing Successful – It’s a State of Mind

Being successful can be determined by who the main influencers in your life are.  If you really want to be successful, take a look at who you are spending the most time with.  The people we associate with most are the primary influencers in our life.  Whether in business or in life, other people have a major impact on how your think, feel, and act.

Negative Nellies – Challenge Being Successful

If the majority of the people you know are what I like to call “Negative Nellies”, you will most likely have a tendency to be negative also.  These people can very quickly take the wind out of your sail.  They mean well and may honestly have your best interest at heart, however they can easily kill motivation and eventually destroy the dream.

Positivity = Key Component of Being Successful

The best way I have found to being successful is by choosing positive people to spend the most time with. These people tend to be visionaries like you.  They too have dreams and work toward achieving them.  They are motivated and passionate about what they do.  Their positive energy is exciting and quite inviting.

They most likely are where you aspire to be and great people to connect with as often as possible.  If you are like me, you want more out of life.  Having the right people around you as often as possible will most definitely impact your journey and determine your rate of success (or lack of success).

Over the majority of my life,I have been around many “Negative Nellies” and know all to well how quickly they can suck the energy right out of you.  You do have a choice.  There is a way to reduce this or stop those energy suckers from zapping your energy all together.

Be Successful In Spite of Energy Suckers

You can still enjoy being successful even if you find energy suckers in your life or business.  All you need to do is consider limiting the amount of time you spend with them.  If they are your co-workers, this may be a bit of a challenge but you can simply use a little reverse psychology here.

Sometimes you can tune out other people in your workplace.  But when you have to work in close proximity with a negative person, it can be a bit more challenging.  For example, if you hear them complaining about how their day is going, simply respond with “I’m having a GREAT day.  When I find myself getting a little down, I simply focus on those things I really enjoy doing which makes my day better”.  If you remain upbeat, chances are they will either begin keeping their comments to them self, or quite possibly a little of your positive attitude may begin to rub off.

Who Said What???

People love giving advice.  But not all advice is worth listening to, especially if it is coming from someone who isn’t or hasn’t done what you desire to be doing or achieving.  When people give you advice, ask yourself the following:

~ Are they the type of person I aspire to be more like?
~ Have they achieved the success I dream of achieving?
~ Do they have the financial and time freedom I am working towards?

If the answer to the above questions is a resounding YES, great!  You are associating with the right type of people.  But, if the answer to the questions is NO, I would suggest you minimize the time you are around these influencers or possible cut ties to them completely.

I realize some of the negative influencers may be members of your family.  That was the case for me.  But trust me, the less time you spend with them, the less you share what you are doing with them, and the less you share your hopes and dreams with these particular family members, the happier and more strongly motivated you will be.

Change Can Be A Good Thing

When you reach the point where you simply can’t tolerate the negativity any longer, its time to make a change.  Being successful is always about change.  Sometimes it’s the manner in which you do a specific task.  You may need to change where you network.  Or, you may need to change something a little closer to home; especially if many of those negative people are members of your family.

In order for me to start being successful, I knew I had to change and not just one area of my life or business. I had to limit or eliminate the negative energy suckers bringing me down.  It wasn’t easy but that is what I did and I have never regretted it.

Once I began associating with more positive, successful people, not only did my outlook change, but so did my circumstances.  I believed in myself more and began enjoying greater success – not just in business, but also in my relationship with others.

Being Successful Is Contagious

Those positive influencers in my life have truly transformed me in so many ways.  I really enjoy being around them and find other people enjoy being around me.  Being successful is contagious and I’m not talking about just being successful in business.  Being successful in life makes you an inspiration to others.  Knowing you have inspired someone to do or become what they desired is such a great feeling.

So, keep your energy up, stay focused,  surround yourself with like minded, successful people and become a lighthouse of inspiration for others.  When you do, you will begin enjoying more of what you are working towards and your level of success will continue to increase.

The choice is yours and I hope you will CHOOSE SUCCESS.  Take a closer look at who the main influencers are in your life and be more selective about who you spend the most time with.  If you do, I promise you will see a marked difference in yourself as well as your life and business.  Surround your self with successful people and watch your life and business skyrocket!

If you would love to be more successful, feel free to contact me and request a complimentary Profit Acceleration Strategy Session and discover things you can do now to begin enjoying greater success in your life or business.