ATTENTION:  Women in Professional Services

Business Coaching Designed to Create An
Endless Stream Of Customers, Sales, & Referrals

Simply by doing things you enjoy!

BUSINESS COACHING 1-ON-1 OUTSIDE THE BOX:  Judith loves to under promise and over deliver.  This program delivers results busy professionals are looking for to generate greater income while working less and enjoying life more.

Work 40 hours a week or less. Double or triple your income.  It’s possible when you know how to position yourself in the market and implement a plan designed to sky rocket your name and brand recognition.

Judith Wentzel Business Coaching Life Coaching Women Real Estate Coaching FL Life Coach Business CoachBUSINESS COACHING 1-ON-1 OUTSIDE THE BOX:
90 day business coaching program.
Guides you to create your own customized, laser focused, strategic, marketing plan your actually have fun using and designed to produce the results you’ve been looking for.

Both the seasoned professional as well as startup entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from this life and business coaching program designed to deliver reliable marketing results month after month for years to come.


~ What really works to market your professional services, and what doesn’t.
~ Over 100 different tools & tactics for marketing your business.
~ How to diagnose where you need to focus your efforts most with the Universal Marketing Cycle.
~ Discover the missing ingredients that can prevent you from being successful.
~ Break out of “analysis paralysis” and implement the BEST MARKET PLAN for you and actually decrease your marketing budget
~ How doing just 10 simple actions per day can bring you all the prospects, customers, orders and referrals you’ll ever need.


Accountants,  Architects, Financial Planners, Insurance Brokers. Salespeople, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants, Coaches, Writers, Designers, Counselors, MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Mortgage Brokers, Attorneys, Photographers, Chiropractors, Property Stagers…  Anyone in professional services!


~ One initial 90-minute coaching intensive to determine best course of action to achieve your life & business goals.
~ Three 1-on-1  45 minute coaching sessions every month via telephone bridge line over 90 days.
~ MP3 audio recording of each call with download link emailed to you shortly after each call.
~ Toolkit of over 100 tested sales and marketing techniques – many of which your competition have NEVER used so you stand out immediately.
~ Your own customized promotional plan you can use over and over & ability to easily modify it as your business grows.
~ Coaching, accountability, perspective and support from Judith to design and implement your rapid business transformation plan
~ and so much MORE!

Judith A. Wentzel, CRTT, CTACC, EFT-ADV,   Since 1997, women across the country have been hiring Judith Wentzel to discover the key to rapidly transform their life and business, by working less, generating greater profits, and living a healthier, higher quality life.   Judith Wentzel is a life and business coach based in Crestview, FL whose client list includes a vast variety of professionals including women in real estate.  

Her company, EFT Coaching and Consulting LLC, specializes in working with creative, multi-talented women in real estate, network marketing, direct sales as well as a vast array of other entrepreneurs and independent professionals. 

Judith quickly hones in and shares how to capitalize on your strengths, passions, and inspiration. You will become highly motivated and begin taking consistent actions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  These actions are the keys to continued growth, increased success, living a more enjoyable life with greater fulfillment. 

Ready To Transform Your Life & Business?

If you would like to enjoy consistent and sustainable business results…
If you’re ready to eliminate the potential for procrastination or self sabotage…
If you need an action plan and resources designed for rapid name and brand recognition…
If you truly desire to build a more successful business and enjoy more time freedom…

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