About Judith Wentzel – Business Coaching = Increased Profits for Women in Real Estate

judith-wentzel-real-estate-coach-real-estate-marketingBusiness coaching comes naturally for me.  Since my early childhood, entrepreneurship and real estate has been part of my family.  My father started his career as an agent and several years later became a broker and eventually opened his own firm.  I fell in love with real estate watching my father build his business.  At the same time I found parts of the industry I really didn’t like; primarily the long hours.

My father spent far too many hours working to list and sell properties.  In fact, many nights he didn’t return home until well past dinner.  My mother would wait until my father came home before eating dinner.  My father left early every morning and came home late every evening and this wasn’t limited to just Monday through Friday either.  He truly loved the work he did and was an excellent salesman.  But I couldn’t understand why all the long hours.  To me, that just didn’t seem fair – especially since I wanted to do things as a family and we rarely could.

Fast forward many years and I have married a wonderful man in the U.S. Navy and moved away from home.  When my husband retired, we moved back to SW Florida to be near family and I took a job with a local Coldwell Banker where I managed the listings, closings, showings and advertising for over 30 agents and three brokers.  I loved my job and especially working with the agents.

Business coaching soon became my passion.  Working with that Coldwell Banker office I began to notice a marked difference in the agents I was working with.  Some agents always had an abundance of listings and closings while others really seemed to struggle.  I also noticed that a couple of agents did exceptionally well and were working less than 40 hours a week.   What I discovered was quite an eye opener.  These agents had a totally different mindset than the other realtors in the office.  They also approached their business and their customers from a different perspective than the other agents.  These agents quickly became my favorite agents to work with.

It was their passion and energy that made working with them such a joy.  That was when the real estate bug bit me and bit me hard.  When I decided to go into business for myself just a short time later, I left my job at Coldwell Banker and began focusing  on providing products and services that would empower women in real estate, initially offering clerical, marketing, and website.  To my delight, many of those wonderful real estate agents became my first clients and the foundation for the business I love and enjoy today.

Business Coaching + Increased Profits + Rapid Results

when you are blocked Judith Wentzel empowers you to rapidly breakthrough and achieve the success you desire.

What is the benefit of a six or seven figure income if you don’t have time to really enjoy your life?  If you are working  over 40 hours a week, you’re losing valuable time, time you could have spent with friends, family, or even just relaxing and enjoying some of your favorite things.

Whether you are just starting out in real estate or you have been listing and selling for several years, you can have a successful real estate business and enjoy a more fulfilling life.  You know this is true.  All you have to do is look around at some of you fellow real estate agents.

It doesn’t matter where you are in building your business.  I have worked with newly licensed real estate agents as well as seasoned professionals and the one thing they both have in common is this…  when you get stuck it is a horribly stressful experience.   It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck trying to gain more listings, attract new customers or unable to increase your income.  Stuck is stuck and it’s a horrible place to be.  As a profit coach, I empower my clients to easily and quickly breakthrough blocks, get unstuck, and continue growing their business and increasing their income.  This is something I would love to teach you as well.

Work/Life Balance

I watched my father’s career climb through many twists and turns.  For a few months, he had a consistent income but then things would drop off for him and the long hours would continue.  I remember taking a short vacation and visiting him with my two small children.  I thought he surely would spend the day with us since I was brining his first two grandchildren. That wasn’t the case.  He received a call about a listing and dashed out the door.  As he was leaving, he looked at me and said “you understand Princess…. it’s business.”  And he was gone.    Real estate was still dictating his life.  My parents divorced after 35 years of marriage, and even though my father was living alone, he still hadn’t gotten the message that life was passing him by.

Don’t let this happen to you.  You don’t have to work 50, 60 or more hours a week in order to make a good living in real estate.  You just have to have the proper mindset, a solid plan, and the proper tools and strategies to consistently deliver a steady stream of new business to your door.  You can generate an abundant income and live a high quality life working 40 hours a week or less.  I have seen it done.  It is all within your grasp.  Achieving work/life balance is much easier than you may think.  You just have to decide to make the changes necessary to transform your life and business.

When I first went into business, I worked way too hard.  But one day, I woke up and realized I was beginning to be like my father.  That wake up call motivated me to make the mind shift necessary to create not only a successful business, but also a lifestyle I love. Today, my business allows me to freely travel and work when I like.  I spend a lot of quality time with family and friends and  have been blessed with the best clients in the world to work with.

I know and appreciate the many stressors you face in the real estate arena.  But you don’t have to work those long hours.  You don’t have to miss out on family, friends and community events.  You can have a successful real estate business, enjoy an abundant income and love the life you are living and it’s just outside your comfort zone.

Going for what you want can be scary and intimidating.  But staying where you are is a whole lot worse.  I have been there.  I have watched many over worked realtors barely get by.   I have also been able to empower many women in real estate to transform the way they list and sell real estate, to step outside of their comfort zones, and achieve the success they desired.

You can step out of your comfort zone and begin achieving the successful business you want and create a lifestyle you love when you have the proper tools to do the job and know how to use them.   Through my unique style of rapid results breakthrough coaching, you can achieve greater success and in less time than you think.

I love sharing easy to use tools, strategies and techniques with my clients.  They work because I have used them on my own business with great success, doubling my income in one month and then tripling my income just a few months later.   When a tool, technique or strategy works for me, I love passing the same on to my clients.  It’s all about education, liberation and empowerment – especially when it comes to marketing.

One thing I realized early in my business was that most real estate agents aren’t marketing to their advantage.  They use what I call cookie cutter marketing which is using the same type of marketing as the majority of the agents in their area were using.  If your materials  look the same as your competition, why would anyone contact you?   That is why I create marketing materials that set my clients apart from their competition and get their phone ringing.

You never want your ads, postcards, or other real estate marketing materials to look the same as all the other agents in your area.  Using what is known as image marketing, you will easily and effectively stand out and be recognized as the expert you are and easily bring in more business and increase your income.

Advanced EFT Coaching NC

I know what it’s like to have challenges in life as well as business. For over six years I dealt with a life threatening disease called chronic pancreatitis.  It all began when two ducts (my biliary and pancreatic ducts) failed which caused my pancreas to begin attacking the other organs in my body. My gallbladder was the first to be attacked and unfortunately, it lost the battle and had to be removed. Being a life coach and advanced EFT Coach in NC gave me the advantage of having a technique to use in overcoming this condition emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Not only did that illness take a large toll on me physically, it meant I had to let go of all my wonderful life coaching and business coaching clients.  After my last surgery, I took an entire year off from coaching to regain my strength and focus.  I became a voracious reader, reading book after book on topics such as healing, nutrition, spiritual growth, as well as new methods and strategies for marketing and growing a small business. This entire experience gave me a wonderful gift.

Using EFT I discovered and released deeply buried anger issues, issues I wasn’t even aware of until I began tapping.  I  also discovered and how beneficial using EFT was for tapping in inspiration, motivation and gaining clarity. Through my recovery time away from business, I was inspired to try new ways to grow my business; discovering how to rapidly turn my business around in record time.  Through the services of mentor coaching, I developed new ideas and learned about several great resources. The time away from my business allowed me to begin creating a road map.  It was this very road map that empowered me to quickly rebuild my business with ease and joy.  This road map became the foundation of my Explosive Business Growth Home Study Program.

Many of my clients face the challenge of creating a successful small business.  Some have been in business for several years but can’t seem to move forward.  This is where my experiences enable me to be of great value.  As the saying goes, “Been there, done that.”  I have walked in your shoes or closely enough to be able to relate to what you are going through as well as offer powerful solutions.

Thousands around the world are using EFT to enjoy a higher quality life. F or me, the tapping made many times more easy to manage while healing.  After several surgeries to open those two closed ducts, I am finally free from the pain and debilitation this type of chronic condition can bring and have regained my vitality. I am back doing what I love –  real estate coaching empowering women in real estate to skyrocket their careers, small business coaching, and small business website design.

Small Business Real Estate Marketing Coach

marketing plan graphic on Judith Wentzel about us page real estate coaching women real estate agents

As a licensed facilitator for the Get Clients Now! program I have the tools (well over 100) and resources to help you create a strategic marketing plan that can consistently deliver the results you want.  When I first went into business I was quite intimidated by marketing.  Through my own trial and errors, and believe me there were a lot more errors in the beginning, I learned an amazing thing about marketing.  What I learned allowed me to easily grown my business and never feel as though I was doing any selling.  Using my “Marketing Made Easy” approach, you discover how to connect to your business from the heart.  When you do this, you shift from a selling mindset to one of serving and sharing the benefits. Women in real estate really excel at this and once you master this type of marketing, you will consistently grow your business and generate income  and actually work less while enjoying your life more; no matter what type of market you may be  experiencing.

Work Less, Earn More, Live More Fully

You can actually work less, earn more and have a life you love when you discover the key to transforming your business. Through breakthrough coaching combined with a unique approach to marketing and EFT, I am able to help you rapidly transform your business. I love being a catalyst to breakthroughs – that’s the part of my business I enjoy most.  Once you breakthrough and begin achieving greater business success, your life will also transform.  Most clients experience better relationships when transforming their business and it’s because of the way in which they learn to connect to their business and the people they serve.  And, by doing so, you will actually work less, earn more and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Experiences Deliver Blessings & Gifts

The chronic illness I had suffered with was actually a huge blessing. It allowed me time to truly reflect on my life, my family, and my business. What I learned was priceless and it has allowed me to become a stronger, more effective life coach and small business coach in addition to being a more loving human being. My life has had many challenges. But going through all of them, through each and every breakthrough of my own, I received many blessings and gifts. Growing up in a dysfunctional home allowed me to connect to many people on various emotional levels.  Living for several years with self hatred allowed me to learn the art of forgiveness and finaly have the ability to embrace myself as the wonderful woman I was and had become. Experiencing all of the life challenges that I have has enabled me to deliver breakthroughs for my clients that lift their soul – just as I lifted mine. One day after working with a particularly challenged client, I was given the title of ‘Breakthrough Expert’ after she broke through a life long battle of self hatred.  She had experienced many breakthroughs in our previous coaching sessions but none as life altering as that one. The name stuck and I am proud to be able to use this God given gift to help all my clients achieve a higher quality of life or business through the breakthroughs they have been able to experience in their own life. I truly believe we don’t go through these types of challenges alone. God is always with us and when we allow ourselves to accept the situation, He reveals the gifts to us, the gifts which are often hidden within the turmoil of the challenge we face. This is what I have experienced throughout my life and why coaching means so much to me. You can enjoy loving relationships. You can build your business from nothing to a wonderful, prosperous business. You can keep your business from going under and breakthrough to that success you desire. You can take a successful business to the next level with ease. All these transformations can be done with ease and joy. I know because I have done it and you can too.

Business Coaching + Law of Attraction Coach

Combining business coaching with law of attraction was a perfect match.  As a law of attraction coach, I tell it like it is when it comes to manifesting and using law of attraction. You can rapidly transform your life or business when you understand how to use law of attraction.  This spiritual law is always working in our lives. Knowing and understanding law of attraction empowers you to take a more pro active approach to your business, enabling you to enjoy greater income, more loving relationships, have a career or business that you are passionate about, and enjoy greater balance and success in all areas of your life.

EFT Coaching

The first time I used EFT myself, it was to resolve my fear of flying. It worked so beautifully I made it my mission to master this amazing technique and share with all my friends, family and clients. I studied ‘EFT and continue to study the various ways others use it in their life or business. As an advanced EFT practitioner I love how EFT easily allows my clients to rapidly breakthrough blocks, fears, doubts, ANY challenge or issue and rapidly transform the quality of their life or business. It is my mission to teach this energy technique to my clients, allowing each of them to rapidly transform the quality of their life or business. By easily eliminating those things holding you back, keeping you stuck, EFT has become the basis of my coaching practice. It is humbling to see how rapidly someone can transform the quality of their life just by this simple, easy to learn technique. Once you know EFT, the sky is the limit! Owner EFT Coaching and Consulting, LLC

EFT Coaching and Consulting LLC

As the owner and CEO of EFT Coaching and Consulting, LLC, located in Crestview, FL,  I love educating, and empowering women in real estate by teaching them techniques they can readily use themselves, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). As an advanced EFT practitioner, I am able to hone right in on the underlying root of your issue and allow you to breakthrough rapidly to the success you desire. Whatever keeps holding you back, blocking you, sabotaging your goals, you can easily breakthrough and achieve success using many of the strategies and techniques I freely share with my clients that allow the breakthroughs necessary to rapidly transform the quality of life or business.

If you are ready to transform the quality of your life or real estate business, let’s talk  Contact me today and I promise, by the end of our conversation, you will know the precise steps you can take to immediately begin breaking through to greater success in your life or business.