Here is some of what Judith Wentzel’s clients are saying about her.

“You have become my rock.  Your completely nonjudgmental attitude allows us to, always, get right to the essence of the issues.  My comfort in sharing all with you, personal and business, enables you to guide, nudge, direct and/or recommend the appropriate course, action and attitude.  Your use of the tapping “tool” has been grounding.
Since working with you I have had positive, much needed movement in my life.  Thank you for sharing your skills, intelligence, love, compassion and strength”. ~ Robert Rosenfeld, Real Estate Investor

” I scheduled a 45 minute session with Judith Wentzel. In our first 15 minutes we got to the essence of my doubts. She would ask me questions that really got me thinking. Those questions led me to my heart and to what would really fulfill me. It really worked. So if you´re looking for a coach to help you achieve your potential I strongly recommend Judith”. ~ Gabriela Rezende, Brazil

” I am seeing amazing results – daily orders of personality type training products on my website and dates being scheduled for me to conduct trainings in personality type and team skills. Thank you Judy! Working with you is rewarding financially and emotionally!” ~Pamela Hollister, The PEOPLE Process,

“I think sometimes you just stumble on the right person at the right time, and for me, everything about Judith just works… She’s very no nonsense and pragmatic…She’s very focused on the task at hand. For me, it’s a perfect fit. The return on investment for me cannot be measured — it has been exponential! I have a new enthusiasm for sales and a much needed, resurrected feeling of pride about the work I do. I’m sure I had to get to this point of feeling enthusiastic before the new work I want (from perfect new clients) would start to flow in.” ~ Marilyn Mitchell,