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DIARY for Success in Real Estate

I am known as the profit coach for women in real estate for a very good reason.  All my coaching, systems, strategies, and plans are creatively designed to empower women realtors to achieve rapid business growth and generate greater profits.  I have been showing women realtors across the country how to rapidly grow their real estate business and generate greater profits since 1997 and would love to do the same for you.

One program in which you can achieve rapid business and income growth is my DIARY for Success in Real Estate for Women Realtors group coaching program.  This powerful six month real estate business building coaching program delivers the tools you need along with a step by step process to consistently grow your business and generate income. Combined with my specialized style of profit coaching, it delivers the perfect formula for you to be able to quickly build a sustainable and profitable real estate business.

Kiss Those 50, 60, or 70+ Hour Weeks Goodbye

Kiss those 50, 60, or 70+ hour weeks goodbye.  You can finally put an end to working those horribly long hours, missing out on quality time with family and friends.  You will have the tools, strategies, techniques, resources, and plan to consistently grow your real estate business and generate income while having a higher quality, more rewarding life.

If you are ready to put an end to feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and struggling to make financial ends meet, this elite 1-on-1 coaching program is the solution you have been looking for to achieve ultimate real estate success.  The strategies, systems, plans and action steps you will discover, have been meticulously collected through the nearly 20 years I have coached women in real estate across the country to achieve a successful business and enjoy greater profits year after year.

The strategies you will learn are easy, effective, and affordable which makes marketing your business a breeze.  Plus, the plan you create will actually be fun to use which means you will use it consistently, month after month, and grow your business with ease and joy.

DIARY for Success in Real Estate – Not Your Typical Real Estate Coaching Program

This uniquely creative program delivers tools, strategies, systems, resources and plans not taught in traditional real estate coaching programs.  You will discover strategies and systems designed to rapidly skyrocket your name and brand recognition in your area real estate market.  Plus, the real estate marketing plan you create will be customized to fit you, your business, and your budget.

No Cookie Cutter Real Estate Marketing

You won’t find any cookie cutter real estate marketing here.  Everything is customized and designed specifically to make you boldly stand out in a saturated marketplace.  When you create your plan you can rest assure none of the strategies you will be using will be shared with any other women realtors in your geographical location.  Your competition will NOT have access to the same strategies, action steps or plans you create.

Claim your real estate success now.  Stand out and be known for the expert you are.  You can easily list more, sell more and earn more while working less and enjoying a lifestyle you love.  This is the program that can show you how to achieve all this and more. 

It’s time to take action, time to invest, time to learn how to effectively leverage your time, energy, and resources, network more strategically, ask for and receive those referrals, and generate greater profits.  Through my DIARY for Success in Real Estate program you can create your own set of blueprints to consistently grow your business, enjoy a steady stream of referrals, and generate more income; easily taking your business to the next level or beyond; usually working less and enjoying a higher quality life.  Choose Level I or Level II, or take them both.  The choice is yours.

Level I  Rapid Business Building.    

Ideal for any newly licensed realtor or any overwhelmed realtor who desires to break free from the struggle and rapidly build a successful, sustainable real estate business.   The descriptions below are just a sampling of what you can discover through this dynamic real estate business building group coaching program

Month 1:  Developing a profitable niche and elevating yourself to expert status in 30 days or less.  You will identify your ideal clients, who they are, where you can connect with them both locally as well as on the web, and how to build a community of loyal raving fans.
Month 2:
  Unlocking the key to achieving your long and short term business goals.  With the proper goals in place and a solid support system, it is easy to consistently build your business and generate the volume of income you would like.
Month 3: The Magic is in the marketing.  Focusing on creating powerful, effective marketing, action steps, strategies &  your 28 day plan.  When you have marketing that works, is affordable, and easy to do, you will do take the steps you know you need to take each month and do so easily.
Month 4:
Making the most of networking events.  Gone are the days of simply saying “I sell real estate.”  It’s all about building relationships and sharing what you do in a unique and interesting manor.   You will learn how to networking effectively and naturally generate referrals, gain new business and increase your income through the power of networking.   
Month 5: 
Developing a steady stream of referrals.  There is an easy way to generate referrals and an awkward way.  I love sharing the easy way.  You will discover how to ask for and get those referrals every time – the key to rapidly growing a six figure business.
Month 6: 
Unleashing the listing presentation that delivers.  No, you will NOT be creating a Powerpoint presentation.  Instead you will learn the steps to getting those listing contracts signed every time.

Level II   The Million Dollar Club.  

Ideal for any realtor who desires to double or triple their income, increase their listings, enjoy more closings, and more effectively leverage their time, energy, and resources.  Aimed at honing your real estate business building skills toward the multiple six or seven figure income level.  Below is just some of what you can experience/learn.

Month 1: Building more effective relationships – working with buyers and sellers.  The key to building a constantly referring community of loyal raving fans.  Enjoy more repeat business, referrals, and easily generate greater profits.  
Month 2: Overcoming objections.  How to effectively negotiate and overcome buyer/seller objections during any transaction.
Month 3: Unleashing the power of presenting (speaking/workshops).  The key is rapport.  The first step to achieving that know-like-trust factor is building rapport.  You will discover fun, easy ways to speak or present to larger numbers of potential clients – so much easier that trying to build your business 1-on-1.
Month 4: Leveraging – building strategic teams and groups.  The importance of buyers agents, assistants, and support personnel in building a thriving six/seven figure real estate business.
Month 5: Outsourcing.  The do’s and don’ts of outsourcing and how to choose which task(s) to delegate.
Month 6: Social Media.  Finally, an easy way to take the social media platforms by storm without having to spend hours or hundreds of dollars each month.  You will discover what works and how to achieve the social media success you desire.

With each level you will receive three group coaching calls each month with me, Judith Wentzel.  You also receive templates, worksheets, professional services marketing guide as well as unlimited laser coaching calls anytime you need between scheduled coaching calls throughout your program.  Plus, you have unlimited text and email support.

For more information on either level of my DIARY for Success in Real Estate Group Coaching Program, contact me, Judith Wentzel today.