Unleash these Proven Growth Strategies to Make This Year
Your Best Real Estate Year Ever

No matter what challenges or frustrations you’ve faced building your real estate business in the past, you have an opportunity, right now, to achieve more sales, more revenue and more peace of mind.

I personally created each real estate product, program, and how-to audio to bring you rapid life/business transformation and empowerment.

Let’s take a look…

Rapid Business Transformational Programs for Real Estate Professionals

contract image judith wentzel women realtors profit coach real estate ultimate listing accelerator home study programUltimate Listing Accelerator $147
Take your real estate business to a whole new income level.  Discover how to put together the most effective pre-listing packets as well as easily and consistently land every listing presentation.  This real estate home study program hands you the key to consistently out list your competition.  Delivering an easy to apply step by step process designed to achieve ultimate real estate listing success.

You will receive:  Pre-listing Checklist – MP3Audio Lesson – Written Transcript – Private 1-on-1 30 minute Strategy Call with me, Judith Wentzel, the profit coach for women in real estate.   Click here to order!

more leads more listings generate leads real estate lead generation Judith Wentzel real estate coaching women realtorsUltimate Lead Generator  $147
Quickly generate a steady stream of leads and referrals through this dynamic home study program.  Delivering into your hands:   MP3 Audio Lesson -Written Transcript –  52 Strategic Business Building Strategies – Marketing Guide – Worksheets plus one Private 30 Minute Marketing Strategizing Session with me, Judith Wentzel, the profit coach for women in real estate.  Unbeatable value!   Click here to order!

Explexplosivebusgrowth2osive Business Growth – List More, Sell More, Earn More Home Study Program for Realtors:  $997

When you’re struggling to make your real estate business more profitable, the last thing you need are more empty promises and dead end solutions.

That’s why I’m so excited to bring you this breakthrough program, which has the power to bring the confidence, skill and finesse to make your business both successful and sustainable over the long haul.  

Here’s what you’ll learn in these 6 jam-packed modules:

Create a More Successful, Sustainable Business.

Achieve Expert Status in Your Market.

Easily & Effectively Market Your Services.

Clearly Define Your Income & Business Goals.

Experience Consistent Goal Achievement.

Become the ‘Go To’ Expert in Your Market Area.

Create a Strategic, Effective Marketing Plan.

Enjoy Greater Productivity.

Develop a Well Oiled, Productive & Responsive Referral Network.

Create a Steady Stream of  New Business & Referrals.

List More, Sell More, and Earn More!

You will receive one module via email each week over the six week course.  Each module includes strategic worksheets, mp3 audio lesson, and written transcript.  

This is a dynamic home study course that should be on the virtual desk of every real estate professional who desires more from their business, with a wealth of information, tips, resources and more to help you truly list more, sell more, and ultimately earn more!

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Transformational & Empowering eBooks

ComfortZone3DCV2RtransparentHow Comfy Is Your Comfort Zone?  What You Don’t Know Could Take You To Six Figures Or Beyond:  $7.00
A digital book written by Judith A. Wentzel, CRTT ,CTACC, EFT-ADV  explaining how and why we create comfort zones and the key to rapidly stepping out of your zone and into the success you desire.
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Small Business Tools

Contrast & Clarity Worksheet  $7.00  This worksheet makes gaining a clear focus quick and easy. Whether you wish to define your ideal client, marketing plan, business, income or any other area, using this one powerfully versatile worksheet will empower you to gain the clarity you need in record time. At just $7, it’s a steal!
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Other Marketing Products

Marketing Dropcards

Judith Wentzel Real Estate Coach Women Realtors Profit Coach Recommends Using Dropcards As Part Of Your Real Estate Marketing PlanDropcards are unique marketing cards very similar to business cards. These marketing novelties are designed to grab attention and, in the process, generate more business for you. Dropcards can be placed anywhere and people will pick them up, or they can be given out as coupons for special offers, discounts, etc.

If you don’t currently have a place to get Dropcards, you can order them here.