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Rapid Results for Real Estate Group

Meets the first three Wednesdays each month from 4:00 – 4:30 pm ET.

Breakthrough the struggle and start enjoying results you’ve been looking for.  This real estate coaching group is all about RAPID RESULTS due to Judith Wentzel’s unique style of breakthrough laser coaching combined with a powerful, easy to learn technique known as EFT.

During each call we will address issues or challenges keeping you from moving your real estate business forward, taking those actions you know you need to take in order to consistently grow your business and generate the volume of income you desire.  You will discover how to quickly, easily, and painlessly breakthrough your blocks and into greater productivity.

You will leave each call feeling clearly focused, energized, motivated and ready to take inspired actions.  This group is designed to empower you to gain clarity, direction and motivation so you can be more productive and consistently grow your real estate business with greater ease and joy.

Some of what you can experience:

~ Real estate coaching delivering increased focus, motivation and renewed enthusiasm.
~ Rapidly identify and resolve blocks, issues/challenges.
~ Discover new tips, strategies, techniques and resources for rapid, consistent business growth.
~ Re-ignite the passion and purpose you felt when you first launched your real estate business.
~ Enjoy greater balance and increased energy.
~ Gain confidence and improved productivity.
~ Easily list more, sell more, earn more.
~ More effective marketing.
~ Grow your business, generate income, and enjoy greater profits.

Join this dynamic and transformational real estate coaching group and experience all this and more.

Two Membership Options

Not taking the actions you know you need to take is costing you dearly both financially as well as energetically.  Through the synergistic energy of the group combined with expert real estate coaching with Judith Wentzel (the profit coach for women in real estate) you can break free and experience greater energy, increased motivation, and higher levels of productivity each week.  Start enjoying your own rapid results with either a monthly membership or through a yearly membership.

Enrolling in the month to month membership is quite affordable at just $97 per month.  Save more by opting for the annual membership for just $79 per month.  Choose your option below and step into the success you desire in your real estate business now.

Monthly Membership

Annual Membership